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mediocre LIFTER

Mediocre Lifter serves the everyday athlete that wants to wear great fitting gear that looks amazing and feels even better. 

Our clothes were designed and curated by athletes in your weightlifting community. They are tailored with all ages, shapes, sizes, weight classes and level of athlete in mind. We do business with small businesses first and seek to work with other locally-based vendors. 

This brand strives to serve all sizes, ranging from children’s to 2XL+. If you’re unsure of which style or size to purchase, just reach out. One of our customer reps will help you out.


This has been quite the year, and needless to say we have been BUSY over here.  This past year 3 things have gone down: 

1. We bought a gym 

2. We’re finalizing season 2 singlets 

3. We’re listening to the universe 

and you know what the universe told us? It said that its time to start looking for people to join the Mediocre Team!  As we finalize our vision for what season 2 singlets look like, we cannot imagine going any further without a team of lifters who would like to collaborate and contribute to singlet designs, community building and brand work.  So, if you’re passionate about the positive impact weightlifting can have on the everyday lifter and want to be apart of creating something for that everyday lifter, contact us here!