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In 2018, we identified a hole in the female weightlifting world. We saw a Goldilocks phenomenon happening in the world of women’s weightlifting apparel.

  •             Too robot-like
  •             Too pink
  •             Too uncomfortable
  •             Too glittery
  •             Too showing-up-in-the-same-prom dress
  •             Too small
  •             Too limited
  •             Too expensive

Why can’t we just have on-trend, flattering, comfortable singlets and clothes to lift in? Is it really so difficult to make that happen?

Is it too much to ask to be able to serve the needs of all female lifters out there doing all the heavy lifting (literally), trying to change the game for generations of girls to come?

“Absolute best singlet I’ve worn! Really!!! So comfortable. Fit perfectly. Not too long, not too short. Obsessed!”

Jessica S. 

“The Basic singlet – This is a beautiful singlet. I have never felt so beautiful, strong, and powerful in a singlet before. The comfort stretch – Usually, I dread putting my singlet on and can’t wait to change out of my singlet after a meet. This is comfortable enough to wear all day.”

Sarah C.

“The material of the singlet honestly feels like a second skin that is extremely comfortable and unique. I feel super confident in the singlet and the confidence just pours into my lifts on the platform.”

Sabrina J.

“Thank you so much for all of this. It’s really great to have a brand be completely size inclusive. Especially when the singlets fit this great and so comfy, lol.”

Autumn M.

So we set out to change the landscape of affordable, accessible lifting gear for every size lifter and called the brand, OutLift.

Along the way, we created a tongue-in-cheek slogan for a t-shirt. We had no idea it would resonate with so many people.

We saw the slogan “Mediocre Lifter” touch a nerve with folks and before long, it became more than just a laugh.

We quickly realized lifters were relating to the phrase because it was a light-hearted way to describe all of the hard-working, everyday lifters with goals and dreams but who maybe would never reach an Olympic level.

These are the lifters who, along the way, reach other personal goals, life milestones, create lifelong friendships, empower each other and strengthen their minds, bodies and character.

Mediocre Lifter - Website - AboutPage - Who Section image - 951x
Mediocre Lifter - Website - AboutPage - Who Section image - 951x
We could not be more honored to represent those weightlifters.

What is now evolving is a socially-conscious community of lifters across many disciplines.

Mediocre Lifter represents people who enjoy building strength in themselves and others. Maybe we can’t all be elite level lifters but what we can do is change the world – 1 kilo at a time.