When we were designing this season’s singlets and curating the athletic pieces for the year, it was so easy to picture all of the talented, fearless lifters in our region wearing them. The best part of creating this brand has been involving the local folks and getting their feedback. This is truly a brand created in collaboration with the actual target lifters.

It has been nothing short of amazingly fulfilling.

Shoot day was one of the first few hot and steamy summer days.  Balancing Corona precautions and getting the shots we needed, let me tell you, we went through a LOT of sample clothes that day.  When we left the studio, I think we all had the same gut feeling that we had just created something impactful.  This was confirmed when we received the images.

When looking at the gallery from that day, the images are totally aligned with what we want to exude from our brand.  The Mediocre Lifter Brand represents:



Dynamic strength





Embracing inclusivity

The photoshoot was such a confirmation that we are serving the right people with the right love.  These women of all weight classes, ages and identities were so collaborative and into the mission. I’ve never seen such on-brand “non-smiling” faces! There was absolutely zero coaching done to bring out the total bad-assery that just poured out of all of these ladies. Their expressions, swag and confidence totally represent what our singlets and athletic wear intends to deliver.

It is our hope that when you thumb through this site and the Shop page, that you not only fall in love with the designs and products but that you understand what you are becoming a part of when you purchase. We’re a collaborative community of lifters that support each other. Follow us on Instagram to understand which charities we support and how we are dedicating ourselves to continuing to strengthen different communities through our discussions, donations and products.