When we created MediocreLifter two years ago, we had a very clear vision of the brand and the community that we wanted to build.

Weightlifting is a sport for everyone. It is a sport for every age, every skill level, every body type, every gender identity.. the list goes on! There is something for everyone in this sport, and the inclusivity of it is what we love the most about being apart of it.

It is also a sport that values hard work, grit, and dedication to the grind day in and day out. These are values that know no bounds or limits, and we firmly believe that mediocre athletes have the utmost awareness and dedication to these values. Believe it or not, mediocre is the sweet spot, it is really where you want to be.

“Natural talent” is great and all, but when you’re “born with it”, the incentive to work harder isn’t always there.  Mediocre athletes have a chip on their shoulder.  They have a nagging voice in their head constantly telling them how much they’re capable of.  They know what it takes.  They’ll do “just one more rep”.  They’ll take the time at the end of a long training session to do their accessory work.  They don’t cheat themselves. Their willing to pay the price and trust the process. 

You see, mediocre athletes don’t just give it their all in the gym; they give it their all in their lives.  Mediocre athletes wake up every morning ready and willing to face what the world will throw at them that day.   They want the most for themselves in all facets of their lives, and they put in the work to get there.  While the dictionary definition of mediocre reads “of only moderate quality”, we believe that mediocre athletes have the drive and gumption to strive for their highest quality possible.  Their mediocrity is precisely what gives them the motivation to strive for greatness. 

This is the class of athletes and weightlifters we want to serve at MediocreLifter.  This is the community of BA individuals that we wanted to build.  A group of people that want it all, and want to have a great time (AND look good) while getting there. 

So, if you’re asking yourself “Why mediocre?” – remember “mediocre” can be exactly what makes us great.